Why You Need to Hire a Professional Home Stager

To save money, would you do your own hair and make-up and wear an old white dress for your wedding? Probably not. When selling your house, not hiring a professional stager to decorate and spruce up your house in a way that highlights the best assets of the property might just be the same kind of money-saving, pound foolish choice. Research shows that homes that are staged sell faster and for higher price than un-staged homes. And only 10% of prospective buyers can visualize the property looking any different than what it looks like when walk inside the house. They definitely need help.


Why Get the Services of a Professional Home Stager

A couple of decades ago nobody thought about staging. A simple cleaning and repainting are considered enough before putting a ‘for sale’ sign outside. Today however, the real estate market is far more competitive, which is why more and more home sellers are looking for edge to sell their property faster and for a higher price. And one of the hottest services for home sellers out there is ‘home staging.’

Staging is like visual merchandising – it draws on the basic principles of interior design. A stager’s objective is to beautify the property without being too obvious about it. It’s like being dressed good, without drawing attention to the thing that you are wearing.

Also, a professional home stager can help you in a lot of ways, especially in your online home listing. Most home sales now start with an online search. As a matter of fact, both the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and Google said 92% of home buyers use the internet for home search. A home stager can easily make your property look good online.

Consider home staging as an investment with good return. We call a financial planner who can give us 5% to even 20% Return On Investment ‘genius.’ And that’s what a professional stager can do.

The DIY Route

Home staging involves a lot of things, and it requires knowledge on how to best highlight the assets of your home. This requires a lot of energy, time, work, and of course, design skills. Yes there are lots of tutorials you can find online, but if you don’t have a background on interior design, or the willingness to learn to do it right, then you should definitely hire a pro. If you want to learn the basics of home staging, click here.

How to Find a Professional Home Stager

Unlike other professions involved in real estate property, there is no governing body, exam to pass or official licensing entity for home staging. Just about any can call themselves professional stagers. Thus, it is important to get referrals that has personally used their services and found success with it. You can also ask your broker, as they often have connections to a good professional home stager.

Bottom Line

The cost of hiring a professional home stager – someone with the good track record of satisfied clients – can mean better profit for you. Staging can help you get your property sold sooner, which means a month or so of carrying expenses saved. Also, research shows that it actually cost more not to stage, as the average cost of home staging is far lesser than your first price reduction.


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