Where to Find the Cheapest House for Sale

Welcome to the most lucrative business in the world – the real estate business! With today’s trends of coaching and training for real estate investment starters, competition is very tough. One has to do his or her own due diligence in order to find the best homes and cheapest house for sale to invest with.

Voila! You are just in the right place to know where to find the cheapest house or houses for sale!


   If you are an investor who’s looking for deals below market value and would like to invest without making a loan, you might want to check out gems in the county treasury! Yes. The deals that you might be looking for are possibly just sitting down right in the county available for auction or over the counter with bid at the opening amount for only the amount of taxes owed! You heard it just right. This is exactly where you can find the cheapest house for sale!

I am talking about the Tax Deed Sale. There are more or less 20 states doing Tax Deed sale every year. Big states usually do partner up with a third party auctioneer and you can check them out for auction schedule as well as listings for the properties that would be up for the auction. Information about the property such as owner’s record, previous sale record (for no NDA states) as well as tax data is available at the Property Records section of the county website. For county such as Michigan that does not have third party auctioneer, you can directly check out their Tax Deed sale information and how to register as a bidder at the county websites.

Here are some auction websites you can check:



Important note: You need to research first which are the best zip codes (zip code analysis) to know which counties to deal with. Due diligence is also very important as you need to research about the property (records, taxes, property condition, neighborhood, etc.) before bidding.

Watch out for our next blog for a video on a simple trick to know which zip codes in your preferred state have the highest record of recent home sales.

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