Home Staging Basics, Staging to Sell Faster and Higher Part 1

In our previous entry, we talked about why you need the services of a professional home stager to sell your home faster and for a higher cost. This entry for today will be for people who want to cut corners and do the staging themselves. As said before, staging involves a lot of things, particularly knowledge and experience on interior design to better highlight the best assets of a home.

Potential home buyers will not just be looking for a structure to live – many of them are looking to fulfill their lifelong dreams of owning a property they will call home and improve their lifestyle. Staging helps improve your home’s chances to fulfill home buyer’s dream, and ultimately generate profit.

You should remember that, for every problem or issue potential buyer sees in your property, they will deduct its cost from offering price. If they see too many problems, they might just pass altogether. And that’s the last thing you want to happen.

The DIY Home Staging Guide

Home staging is a form of visual merchandising, where you make the home more attractive for its potential buyers. This professional service can cost money, but it also can lead to better sale. If you think you have the skill, or you just want to save from paying professional fee and go to the DIY route, then this entry is for you.

Start with the Most Important – Clean and Declutter Your Home

Cleaning is indeed, the first step of staging. What you and your family may find acceptable doesn’t mean good enough to sell your home. Mop your floor surfaces hard and run the vacuum to rid your house of dirt and dust. This is very important, especially if you have kids and pets. Expect potential buyers to snoop around and check each and every corner of your property.

Clutter distracts people from the home’s features, and it makes your space look small, and since you are selling your home, you should at least, toss stuff out too. Putting things away doesn’t mean hiding them in your closets and drawers. Most buyers are interested with your closet space, and will definitely check out your cabinets and storage spaces. Thus, tossing your stuff into the cabinet to them is NOT a good idea.

Remove Anything Personal

Professional home stagers can be really brutal about this. Another goal of staging is to help potential buyers envision themselves living in your home. Your family photo may look cute on your walls, but it can be distracting for your buyers, and you need to put them away. The same goes with fridge art, posters, toys, etc. that are highly indicative of the property’s current inhabitants.

Put Emphasis on Bathrooms and Kitchen

Potential home buyers surely to see new furniture, fixture, and appliances, especially in the kitchen. If you can’t do that, you might just make the ones that you have look spotless. Nobody wants to see a splattered spaghetti sauce in the stove top, piles of crumbs on the countertop or films of grease on the sink in their new potential house. The same goes with the bathroom, make sure it sparkles with cleanliness, from the sink drain to the corners of the tub. And never miss the spot behind the toilet. Your goal here is to make everything in your bathroom and kitchen look brand new.


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