Home Seller’s Guide: How to Sell Your Home Faster

A quick and profitable sale should always be the goal in mind when you’re about to sell your home. After all, who doesn’t want to get their home sold quickly and for the possible best price? Study shows that the longer the property is on the market, the less interested people get, and the less the seller will earn. Thus, if you’re selling your home, you better know how to sell it quickly. Here are some things to make it work.

Keep Your Listing Price Competitive

As much as we want to earn big in selling our home, it is very important to correct the price and make it competitive in its market value. In places of extremely competitive home prices, over-pricing can be your downfall, as it may put your property longer in the market, which often times, results to lower offers. You should know that pricing your real estate property with an expensive price tag does not mean high sale price. Pricing your home for the most money in the shortest time possible is the right way to price.

Keep the Home Clean and Neat at All Times

It is no secret that clean, fresh and clutter-free house sells faster and a good higher price. If your home stays clean, it will look more attractive, larger and spacious for the buyers. As a matter of fact, most home buyers, if not all, look for well-maintained properties. When they walk inside your property, the first thing they will notice is the home’s condition, which strongly suggests the how its took care of it – a crucial aspect of selling your home. Thus, make sure you clean your home and rid it of clutter.

Fresh Paint

Just like how a clean home can attract buyers, properties with fresh neutral paint draw attention from house hunters. It will easily make your home look fresher and cleaner. Because chipped and wall stains are easy turnoff for buyers. Painting your home with nice cool paint is the best and the most inexpensive improvement you can make.

If you think your home needs good amount of updating and some little improvements, you should consult your realtor before you start spending your hard-earned money for any changes and renovations. Make sure you choose improvements that add value to your house and bring good return on investment on your part. Realtors who are familiar with your area knows exactly what majority of the buyers want.


This is probably the most important aspect of selling your home, and sadly, many people fail on this part. Your home should always be easily accessible for your potential buyers. If it’s not, then you make it accessible for them.

If your home is already out on the market, and already with a reasonable price, then expect home buyers to call you to schedule for showings to see your property. Make sure your property is ready for visits.

Needless to say, you should be willing to let buyers see your house. With this, you should be ready for the scheduled showings. Thus, before you accommodate guests and home hunters, make sure you have a place where you and your family could go during the scheduled showings. Many buyers are only available during weekends because of work schedules. Others may have a very little time to shop around as they just recently moved in town. Last thing you want is miss showings as you or your home is not available for the viewing.


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