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Home Staging Basics, Staging to Sell Faster and Higher Part 1

In our previous entry, we talked about why you need the services of a professional home stager to sell your home faster and for a higher cost. This entry for today will be for people who want to cut corners and do the staging themselves. As said before, staging involves a lot of things, particularly knowledge and experience on interior design to better highlight the best assets of a home.

Potential home buyers will not just be looking for a structure to live – many of them are looking to fulfill their lifelong dreams of owning a property they will call home and improve their lifestyle. Staging helps improve your home’s chances to fulfill home buyer’s dream, and ultimately generate profit.

You should remember that, for every problem or issue potential buyer sees in your property, they...

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Why You Need to Hire a Professional Home Stager

To save money, would you do your own hair and make-up and wear an old white dress for your wedding? Probably not. When selling your house, not hiring a professional stager to decorate and spruce up your house in a way that highlights the best assets of the property might just be the same kind of money-saving, pound foolish choice. Research shows that homes that are staged sell faster and for higher price than un-staged homes. And only 10% of prospective buyers can visualize the property looking any different than what it looks like when walk inside the house. They definitely need help.

Why Get the Services of a Professional Home Stager

A couple of decades ago nobody thought about staging. A simple cleaning and repainting are considered enough before putting a ‘for sale’ sign outside...

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Home Seller’s Guide: How to Sell Your Home Faster

A quick and profitable sale should always be the goal in mind when you’re about to sell your home. After all, who doesn’t want to get their home sold quickly and for the possible best price? Study shows that the longer the property is on the market, the less interested people get, and the less the seller will earn. Thus, if you’re selling your home, you better know how to sell it quickly. Here are some things to make it work.

Keep Your Listing Price Competitive

As much as we want to earn big in selling our home, it is very important to correct the price and make it competitive in its market value. In places of extremely competitive home prices, over-pricing can be your downfall, as it may put your property longer in the market, which often times, results to lower offers...

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Your 9-Step Guide to Buying Your First House

tdct-mortgages-buying-first-homeBuying your first home for yourself or for your family is not only the biggest investment you will do at this point of your life, it is also the most complex financial process. Lucky for you, we have broken the process down to 10 easy and straightforward steps.

Are you ready to own a home?

Buying a home is both a financial and an emotional decision. Like any other big decision you will ever do in life, you need knowledge, experience the right support team behind you. In buying a home, you support team should be a team of reliable professionals lead by a realtor.

Get a Realtor

As said earlier, buying a real estate property is a complicated process. In the midst of paper works, financing, inspections, pricing, marketing and negotiating, a realtor will ‘un-complicate’ things for you...

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